March 21, 2018. 8:00PM

Wheeler 130

The United States has clear disparities in representation across all media formats from the newspaper headline, to the television set, to the silver screen. Movements like #OscarsSoWhite and critiques of liberal media monopolies have increasingly come into serious discussion. We want to bring that discussion to Berkeley and hear what you have to say about it. Do you feel like a group that you identify with has been underrepresented or misrepresented in media? What groups, opinions, and identities do you feel have seen unfair overrepresentation? What impact, from the political arena to the personal and everywhere in between, do you think this has on the American people?

The event will be structured around BridgeUSA’s model of constructive, moderated-forum discussion. We invite everyone to come and participate respectfully in discussing where and how media landscapes have failed to account for meaningful participation by all members of our society. If you feel that this disparity in media representation has affected you or a group that you identify with, the onus is on you to come and claim this space and join us in discussion; let us hear what you have to say!

April 16, 2018. 3:00PM

Pauley Ballrom

Climate change is perhaps the most significant and global challenge facing humanity today. As governments worldwide struggle to implement policy to address its effects, some feel that the U.S. has abdicated its historic role as a global leader on this issue. The deep partisan divide within the United States over even addressing the reality of anthropogenic climate change has made the already daunting task of mitigating humanity’s impact on the environment seem even more impossible.

Bridge USA at Berkeley is incredibly excited to bring you Heated Debates: Conversations about Climate Change. This event will serve to highlight solutions to climate change consistent with a diversity of political leanings and empower Cal students to be able to engage in constructive discourse on this divisive issue with their political opposites.

Heated Debates will feature panels of speakers representing a wide array of professional and political backgrounds to create dynamic and intellectually engaging conversations on how we can adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change. BridgeUSA hopes that this event will be a step toward our larger goal of uniting people from across the political spectrum to recognize the nuanced nature of political issues and fostering a culture in which people of different ideologies can find enough common ground to take action on the issues facing our country today.

April 7, 2018. 3:00PM

Genetics and Plant Biology 100

Candidates running for California Assembly District 15 will take part in a Radical Empathy Forum discussing: "How might we build a more empathic and caring culture?"

The forum will be held using the Empathy Circle dialogue process as a way to move from combative debate to constructive dialogue.

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